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OxOSurf offers the right solution for your goals, through the 3 types of surf proposed !

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StatusBasicVIP SilverVIP GoldVIP Diamond
Cost per monthFree€ 2.5€ 5€ 7.5
Surf Ratio0.5:11:11.2:11.5:1
Surf Timer20secs20secs20secs20secs
Websites allowed351050
Banners allowed151015
Textlinks allowed151015
Credits earnings from referrals0.
Commissions earnings from referrals purchases4%6%8%10%
Presence tests every2h3h4h6h
Backlinks exchange
Downline Builder
Stats for impressions / clicks / ctr
Add your sites to our directory
Possibility to exchange between automatics and manuals credits
Possibility to sell back unused credits
Possibility to ignore sites
Possibility to exclude PTP, noisy content
Credits spend limit for sites / banners / textlinks
Geo-Targeting for sites / banners / textlinks
Unique hits per 24h
Hide traffic source (Referrer)
Minimum withdrawal€ 5€ 5€ 5€ 5

Manual surfing

This is the guarantee that users see your site, and as the case may partner with you.
It admits only sites with quality content.
PTP sites, linckbucks, paidlinks, awslinks, etc.. are not allowed.

Automatic surfing

You earn 2160 to 6480 credits per day depending on your status and many visits to your site.
Your registered and approved sites will receive thousands of hits around the world, and this 24h/24 and 7/7.

Application surfing

Strengths of this surfbar: no sound, no popup, no flash, no plugin or confirmation window, so no crash no blocking.

The credit system works the same way as the automatic surfing, provided that:
- the surfbar is completely visible, so neither reduced nor hidden or truncated by another application.

It is the ideal system to let it run in your absence, in all serenity.
Credits gain is greater than the automatic, there is no surfing stop, no presence checking, and more stability

Warning , the surf does not generate points for the contest "Best surfers", your choice.

If you are far in the contest, we strongly recommend you.

Daily Contests

Backlinks exchange with OxOSurf, we are PR4.
a Tchat (IM) is available, subject to availability.
A Forum is available to gather feedback and evidence of payments.

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Purgosse [20/03/2014 à 10:37:53] Purgosse
Bonjour, beaucoup d'évolutions ont été mise en place. amélioration graphique :  
Lightring [19/03/2014 à 15:25:03] Lightring
><<< Les Meilleurs PTC >>><
Bien le bonjour! ^^ Je viens vous présenter des sites qui sont les plus rémunérateurs, plus fiable, et bien entendus les meilleurs C'est parti pour la liste : - Ojooo : Ojooo a été créée en Mars 2013, la société est enregistrée en Allemagne...  
Klara79 [18/03/2014 à 21:28:17] Klara79
Re: Paiment send
Thank you very much and likewise!  
Pascal [18/03/2014 à 15:02:28] Pascal
Paiment send
Hello Klara, €29.95 paid today through all deals concluded with you, always with great pleasure - March 18, 2014 Payment for Completed Details Payment Klara S. 5MS47582VD7623XXX - € 29.95 EUR  
Pascal [13/03/2014 à 10:43:04] Pascal
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Hello Tusa Mihai, € 12.77 send to day for your first payment with OxOSurf - March 13, 2014 Payment for Completed Details Payment Tusa M. 205305002B5507XXX - € 12.77 EUR  

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